Adblocker Issues

adblocker issues at online casinosAdblock is a popular free tool available for the public who are annoyed by continual advertising banners, pop-ups and other spam many sites throw at you.   You can download versions of it that work on YouTube and Facebook too.  It can however cause some Adblocker issues when it comes to casino promotional banners which may not display, and the bonus information windows and offers that appear when you click through to a casino.

Possible Adblocker Issues at Casinos

At fastpayingcasinos we only use images and no banners so there should be no effect on this site, but I would advise players to disable it just for the site they are viewing when visiting any online casinos.  This is because it could affect slot games which open in new windows for example, or registration forms which do the same and finally bonus opt-in windows if these too are displayed outside or over a casino’s site but not in the same page or its frame.

How to Ensure no Adblocker Issues

As I said, this site is Adblock-friendly but beware of unintended effects at some casinos.  If you click on the Adblock logo in your browser or indeed the logo of any other similar tool you have installed, it should just let you ignore the page you are on and if you like choose to ignore the whole domain so it will not affect any games or pages at that particular casino.

We all tend to dislike the advertising overkill there is on the web nowadays and programmes or add-ons like Adblock are great for reducing the amount we see, but be aware if you are having issues visiting or playing at online casinos that you may need to intervene by telling it to ignore the page or domain, which is quite simple.